Italian headquarter Inauguration

The Italian headquarters of the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe «Transhumance Trails» was inaugurated on 23 December, at Palazzo del Comune Vecchio, Jenne (Roma).

It will become a municipal cultural hub.

The exhibition ‘The Cultural Itineraries of the Council of Europe in Italy: a European Heritage’, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, was also inaugurated, and will remain open to the public at the Proloco headquarters in Jenne until 6 January.

Cultural and touristic event performed in partnership with:

  • Italian Ministery of Foreign Affairs;
  • Association ANFFAS (National Association of Families and Persons with Handicaps);
  • Municipality of Jenne;
  • Association LUPA Libera Università Popolare dell’Agricoltura;

A guided field loop walk was performed in the morning at Piana di Fondi di Jenne, on the Tratturo Jenne-Anzio. At the end of the excursion the ‘shepherd’s breakfast’ was offered: a tasting of local gastronomic products with ‘pizza alla padella’ and ‘fallone’ (maize flour pizza cooked under the embers) along with cheeses, ‘coppiette di pecora’ (meat cut into strips and dried in the wind of the Simbruini Mountains) and ‘Cacchione’, the white wine produced on the Tyrrhenian coast near the arrival station of the Tratturo Jenne-Anzio. To finish, dry biscuits from the pastoral tradition (giglietti and tortiglioni)

Participants with handicap were assisted by qualified crew.

The inauguration ceremony of the Italian Headquarters of the Cultural Route «Transhumance Trails», was celebrated in the afternoon at the Palazzo del Comune Vecchio in Jenne, with a round table dedicated to itineraries and to walking the trails.

Talks by:

  • Major of Jenne;
  • Mariassunta Peci, director UNESCO Office, Italian Ministry of Culture;
  • Francisco Garcia Rodriguez, President of «Transhumance Trails»;
  • Simona Messina, Secretariat and Route Manager of Transhumance Trails;
  • Roberta Alberotanza, Consultant of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Expert Evaluator of the Council of Europe;
  • Paolo Piacentini, Honorary President of Federtrek Italia;
  • Francesco Spada, Transhumance Trails Scientific Committee Coordinator, Swedish Phytogeographical Society (Uppsala University);
  • Antonio Volpi, President of the Association LUPA.

Social dinner with traditional pastoral food and local gastronomy products.

The Municipality of Jenne offered a social dinner with traditional pastoral food and local gastronomy products, such as ‘ndremappi, a dish of pasta made with semi-integral flour and seasoned with a sauce of garlic, tomato and anchovies. The presence of fish in pastoral gastronomy witnesses the cultural contamination triggered by the practice of transhumance, which unites the mountain territories with the coastal plain